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Friday, May 20, 2011

Matchbox Girls and character

I have been editing and writing like mad. As you may know I work for Candlemark & Gleam. (even though this is my personal blog, a disclaimer I have to include because I say fuck a lot.) We just picked up Matchbox Girls, and I think I'm the one who gets to uh. Treat it lovingly. Yeees. /schemeyhands

We're interdisciplinary over at good ol' C&G, so here's a little food/writing crossover to tide you over:

Aside from my love of writing, I love putting things in my mouth.

Food. I mean food, you filthy perverts. (this time)

Today I made steak and steamed asparagus. The other day I ate seared scallops out of the pan with my fingers.

It's the simple things.

But what, Tiger, does this have to do with writing? Well, we've all seen the surveys that ask things like: what is your character's favorite color?

Who gives a shit?

What does my character's favorite color--or in this case, food--have to do with anything if it's just a static one word answer?

Whether a character is the kind of guy that eats scallops out of the pan with his fingers is a whole other matter.

These little details speak louder than it seems as though they do. They clue the reader in to the fact that the character is a whole person, with all the connections and experiences and details that make up anyone we might encounter in real life. All the things that make the reader real also make a character breathe.

What I like about it most, when authors think at that level, is it tells me the author has spent a lot of time on this character. Nothing frustrates me more than author bias that the author hasn't even made an effort at examining. But when an author spends a lot of time puzzling out a character's psychology, the likelihood is they've avoided more of these pitfalls than they would have otherwise. The author cares, and so do I.

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  1. I can't quite tell if I should be in dread or not. :-)