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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cerulean Sins Chapter Twenty Five

So I'm sick and really busy but honestly I FUCKING HATE THIS BOOK. Not only is this one as offensive as always, it is crushingly boring. This book has been nothing but genitals and wankery but I am bored to tears. 

But we must soldier on, everyone! Or I'll have to start talking shit about Iggy Azalea and then we'll be here all fucking night.

Anita had a new shower installed in the master bathroom. Shit I don't even remember where she is at this point. Has this even been addressed? At the Circus? At home? I guess it doesn't matter considering every place Anita spends time in has weird improbable showers that make me obsess over said improbability. She paid a werebear to install it because they don't ask questions about her living arrangements, for some reason, because I guess werebears become magically accepting of polyamory once they shift for the first time.

It chars my pancakes the way she acts like she fucking invented polyamory. But it quickly devolves even further because Anita thinks having sex with someone she's not in love with "probably said something about how far down the well of moral decay I'd fallen."

Cool. Well of moral decay. Can Sex Positive Lassie rescue her? What's that boy? Anita tripped over her massive Madonna/Whore complex and is trapped? In the well? The well moral decay? Good boy!

Anita stands in the hot, hot shower having a pathetic, pathetic pity party. She is all I'm a strong woman! I don't need a man! Men are jerks! Like Richard, who left me because I'm not human enough! The fact that she still thinks that is terrifying. It lets me know that Anita doesn't believe herself capable of rape, and also doesn't think men in particular can be raped.

Anita goes on, indulging in a truly wretched Strong Woman monologue that belongs in a high school play about quirky people who DON'T NEED YOUR PITY, OKAY? Her fiance in college left her because she wasn't white enough, and her stepmother never let her forget that she was small and had dark hair. THE HORROR. Which I don't get, because Anita does not have any markers that would generally speaking code her as a woman of color in a white supremacist country. She is often described as having skin so white it is almost translucent. She does not speak her native language and there's no indication she ever spoke it with her mother. She has no cultural traditions, no physical features that code her as other (and I am sorry not sorry, but being short does not count), no accent, no manner of speech that would suggest anything but the most bland form of U.S.'s hard for me to appreciate Anita as a woman of color when it's only trotted out when LKH needs some cheap and easy justification for Anita's ongoing emotional issues.

Anita at least realizes she's a shit head who doesn't appreciate all the ass and boot lickers around her who fall all over themselves to suck her toes and tongue bathe her no no place every time something even slightly unhappy happens to her. Don't hold your breath, this won't last.

Boo hoo, Anita is so sad she's sitting in the shower.

Jamil shows up and tells her Richard is hurt and they need to soak him in the tub here, I assume because he's a shifter and needs to be cooled down or heated up or whatever fucky attempt at biology is at work in this world. How convenient! Gee, I wonder if this could rekindle their romance????

So Jamil found Richard passed out and doesn't know what's wrong, but Anita magically does: Belle Morte has been feeding on him, too. And she knew this, despite not mentioning it when it first came up, and she didn't think to tell anyone because she just assumed he would handle it. The fact that he didn't isn't because of her callousness, or because he was caught out with no one around him, but because he just "let himself die." 

Jamil has dreadlocks because of course he does. In the midst of this high tension scene his clothes are also really important, you guys. His shirt matches the beads in his hair. Cool story, bro.


Anita is pissed she has to let Richard in because omg Richard broke her heeeeart. I wonder how he feels about being a rape victim? I have it on good authority that rape is a guaranteed heart breaker.

 This chapter was two and a half pages long and it was all devoted to whining.


Guy who wants his ancestor raised

Gregory and Stephen's rapist dad


Does anyone even remember these agonal attempts at plot?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I'm still here

Just in case anyone has been wondering I am still slogging through Cerulean Sins. I have a post in the works as we speak but it probably won't get published until tomorrow. My health is all over the place but I have the next couple of days to myself, so you'll hopefully see a couple of sporks here soon!

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