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The Twisted Tree Universe

The Twisted Tree universe is a shared world urban fantasy project 

Currently, Tiger Gray and Avery Teoda are the contributing authors. The Twisted Tree world is built around the notion of many different realities, all supported and connected by the branches of the World Tree. Special individuals can master the art of traveling on the World Tree, visiting and protecting the many worlds from corruption and evil.

The published works in this universe are parallel to one another. New readers can begin with either No Deadly Thing or The Wicked Instead. Eventually, the separate titles will merge and all the characters will come together.

We pride ourselves on inclusion and fresh takes on old concepts. This series is great for people who want a long running fun experience yet crave deep characterization and minority characters in leading roles.

Recommended Timeline

The Carrion Kind (Working title, to be published). Prequel. 9th century

The Wicked Instead/No Deadly Thing. Early 2000s in universe. Either one can be read first, followed by the other.

No Deadly Thing
Ashrinn Pinecroft has spent a lifetime trying to forget his mixed family’s expulsion from his native Iran, so much so that he finds himself halfway across the world, having made a career out of the American elite anti-terrorist unit, Delta Force. 

When a sniper’s bullet and a worsening mental illness cut that career short, Ashrinn will do anything to feel useful.

Even believe in magic. 

The Zoroastrian myths his mother entertained him with as a child have found new, twisted life in the streets of Seattle, and he has a central role to play whether he likes it or not. Ashrinn must use his new found divine powers to save the Pacific Northwest from an evil snake handling cult, a cult hell bent on sacrificing him to their demon god. 

With a group of ragtag comrades including a half crazy werewolf, a psychic sniper, and his equally blessed best friend and former Delta teammate at his side, Ashrinn will do everything he can to combat the corruption eating away at his new home.

Yet sometimes, the greatest horror imaginable and the things held most dear are one and the same, and corruption is not so easily spotted when it hits close to home.

Cary and Lindsay Delaney have always known they were special. Warriors for God, their father said, meant to bring about the Rapture, and every moment in their family’s isolated Ozarks compound was spent preparing for that day. Cary’s paraplegic injury put an end to that dream, however, and the brothers, now estranged from the father who once exalted them, find a different kind of magic in the streets of Springfield, Missouri. 

Dubiously blessed with the title prince and heirs to powerful táltos magic, the brothers find themselves embroiled in a struggle for the health of the World Tree, the structure that supports not only their world, but every world. The Tree is rotting, and it’s only a matter of time before the corruption reaches its heart. Can Cary and Lindsay make their own way and heal the Tree, despite those who would use them for their often shadowy ends? 

The Lost Are Like This. Late 2000s in universe. Follows immediately from The Wicked Instead.

Sneak peek of the cover for The Lost Are Like This

The Cold Quiet Dream (Working title, to be published). Late 2000s in universe. Follows immediately from No Deadly Thing.

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