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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The ghost of NaNos past

My past NaNos were, of course, terrible. Here are some of the quotes I actually like, though:

A building that has had a murder committed inside it always looks larger to me than it really is. (NaNo 04)

Like the slow pulse of a waking heart, the need for cocaine began somewhere deep in her brain. (NaNo 04)

I still have affection for this NaNo. It was the first time I tried it. It might be worth something someday, torn apart and put back together.

In a field of corpse-flowers, the wolf of bones came to her. (NaNo 05)

Sadly, this was before I realized that perhaps characters shouldn't reference things that don't exist in their world, (that line is fine, but the rest is uh, not) and boy, did I love an adverb, but since it's a tradition to have ninjas break in to your nano manuscript I am not going to feel too much remorse.

Let's see yours! Maybe we should do the howlers too, hmm?


  1. From the top of my head, I had a line last year in my NaNo that was "Rants were ranted, and all was good."

    It was silly, but it followed about three pages of characters finally saying what got on their nerves, and seemed the only appropriate thing to write at the moment.

    My others are, sadly, in French, so I can't share them easily. I love these little NaNo Pearls, both the beautiful and silly ones, that manage to slip in the prose admist all the chaos.

    And I like both of your lines. The cocaine one especially. :)

  2. Welcome!

    Thank you so much for the comment. Is French your first language?

    (and hey, there are some published authors who could stand to summarize as you did in your NaNo!)