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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A somewhat disjointed update

Oh my god you guys, my storyboard makes no sense from one draft to the next.

I am a pantser. I think I am almost incapable of planning in a linear fashion to the point where I can do a this then that outline. I love the storyboard because it lets me give some shape to my thoughts, but note to self: if you forget to move the pieces around as you revise, you sit there saying the hell was I thinking? every ten seconds.

Anyway. I've been quiet here because I have an exciting project going on in the background. Hopefully I can tell you all what it is soon. Suffice to say it is a lot of work, especially on top of grad school, though I am still pulling my weight in terms of grades. It's an accelerated program so it's whiplash inducing, but I'm learning plenty.

The apartment is nice and painted. Mulberry, chili pepper red, teal, and bright yellow. All that is left is my room, which will be leaf green. Speaking of colors and art, my cover design should be finalized sometime soon. I am so excited. The artist is very talented and his work fits my story perfectly. I can't wait to show that off, too!

Oh, and I've recently discovered Get Glue, which is an insane time waster. Still, they have 30 Seconds to Mars stickers so I am helpless before its dark power. If you're on there, come find me!


  1. Yeah, I haven't done a storyboard, but making vague notes for an outline and then pantsing can be awkward. I was writing a fanfic this year where I made some point form notes for an outline, then forgot to keep checking them because I knew where I wanted to go, and then checked the outline and went 'Hey, why did I forget to do the scene that way? That could have been so much cooler than what I did.' Oh well.

    Good luck, fellow Campaigner. Are you doing Nanowrimo this year?

  2. That happened to me when I was revising a scene. I didn't look at the draft at first and went from memory, then found out I'd missed a lot of content that could have enriched the work. I don't know if I'll do Nano. I stopped doing it for word count a long time ago, but I like using the month as a time to re-focus on writing in general.