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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Update + new book in the works

Hi guys. Yes, I'm still alive. I have to be careful about how I use the internet for my own health, but things have been getting steadily better. Every time I identify a trigger I gain power over it. Anything that contributes to my autonomy is a plus.

Now that said, I've started the next book. I'm going backwards in time and fleshing out the mythology that informs the present in terms of the Twisted Tree world. This could turn in to a trilogy all its own. If you're in to really immersing yourself in a big world with a lot of things happening, this is truly the series for you. Technically it's urban fantasy but as I go forward as an author it becomes apparent to me that these works have more in common with epic fantasy than anything. They're quite character driven and probably always will be.

I bet many of you have manuscripts that suck. They sit in bottom drawers and on closet shelves, tucked away in shame somewhere. Well, so do I but I'm going to mine them for good ideas and apply my current skills to them. This book (books?) is one of those stories. It's turning in to something I'm proud of. Once I'm a little more solid as to where I am going plot wise, I'll post some excerpts.

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