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Friday, March 21, 2014

Changeling: the Lost or what am I doing now

Right now, Onyx Path Publishing is looking for freelance writers. I picked up my first Werewolf: the Apocalypse book at thirteen, and the World of Darkness has had an immeasurable effect on my work since then. One of the first novella length things I ever saw through to the end was a piece of Werewolf fanfiction. To say I want this job with a deep and all encompassing passion would be understating the case. So everything else is on hold while I go in to emergency mode and try and write the best thing I can for this all call. 

The game I think I love the most from their New World of Darkness line is Changeling: the Dreaming. Exploring trauma has always been a major theme of mine. No Deadly Thing revolves around it. In fact I would say it's the very heart of the story. 

For a long time the Werewolf: the Apocalypse tagline inspired me: "a story telling game of savage horror." But what grabbed my attention even more? "Changeling the Dreaming: a Storytelling Game of Beautiful Madness." 

Madness, insanity, lunacy and so forth matter to me just as much as trauma, and Changeling: the Lost has brought them all together in a mix I find completely irresistible. My little project therefore is Changeling: the Lost related and I feel cautiously optimistic about it. A close friend of mine is doing a write up for Mage: the Awakening and his project is also totally kick ass. To share in the creative process has been wonderful. Think good thoughts for both of us, okay? 

Back to the worktable with me. 


  1. Awesome to see another Old World of Darkness fan! We discovered it at the same age, and had apparently the same first response - reams of fanfiction :)

    1. omg yes! it is so inherent to who I am as a writer I doubt I could untangle it if I tried.