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Monday, September 29, 2014

Cerulean Sins Chapter Six

There are tons of tunnels and rooms under the Circus. Sure why not. They're lit by torches, because just when you thought the ABverse couldn't get any more cliched, it comes from behind to surprise you.

Jean-Claude appears through a gap in his froofy curtains and beckons them in to his room. He is dressed like a high school play understudy with a leather fetish, yet somehow he is the sexiest man Anita has ever seen.

Not only does Anita want him, she WANTED him. She claims she usually wants to engage in the horizontal mambo when J.C. is around, despite her pulling the frigid virgin good girl act every time she's in close proximity to a dong.

Anita has started scheduling ardeur feedings in to her day. I like this, actually. I think it's hilarious, plus it's the first practical thing she's ever done despite constantly insisting that she's the most practical person to ever walk the planet. She tells J.C. it's ten to midnight, meaning she needs to feed in ten minutes. Then why the fuck is she at the Circus without her pomme de sang? You'd think they could go fetch him real quick. Or pick up a drive through hamburger, because I thought Anita could stave off the ardeur by eating. Which she also can't do or enjoy because that's too close to enjoying earthly pleasures like sex and she'd have to turn in her good girl card. Gag. 

Anita calls her vagina her "lower place."

Anita infodumps a bunch of truly boring shit about the ardeur. 

It turns out Anita will feed off of Micah, but she won't let J.C. feed off of her. I think J.C. has a right to be a tad bit put out over this development. She's known Micah for what, a month? And she's willing to share that with him but not with her long term partner? Okay then. I don't pretend to understand anything Anita does.

Anita figures the visiting vamps won't wait for her and J.C. to have "hot monkey sex." So even though Anita just told us that the ardeur is immensely dangerous unless you feed, she's going to walk in to an extremely delicate political situation with one of Belle's lieutenants, hungry. Remember that Belle Morte is the origin of the ardeur and has been using that very power to manipulate Anita and J.C. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

These people have never heard of quickies I guess. J.C. ought to get down on his knees and eat Anita's pussy like there's a famine on, but that would be too interesting so it defo won't happen.

"I felt Damian's sorrow at my cool touch, felt it like a taste across my tongue, as if rain could have a flavor."

Does this fool really think rain doesn't have a fucking flavor? Holy shit, I just died. Also good job feeling a taste.

Damien wants to fuck Anita because of course he does. He's her "pet" now and if she cuts him off he'll "die in truth" because this is now a performance art piece where everyone swans around in period outfits clumsily cut from reject bolts of crinkly velvet.

Behold, for in truth there is much infodumping and verily the audience is bored to tears.

J.C. and Damien escort Anita in to the main chamber with Jason and Asher following.

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