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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cerulean Sins Chapter Eleven

Dottie's chapter is here 

Asher comes in and he's wearing white, which apparently doesn't suit him. Great. He's hiding behind his hair, as usual. Can someone explain this to me? Because I used to have hair down to my ass and I couldn't have hid half my face behind it reliably. Part of why I cut it was because it had become a crutch identity wise, but it certainly wouldn't have veiled extensive scarring.

Basically, we once again have a scenario where Anita doesn't want to have sex but she is forced by the ahem, 'plot', to do so. Nor does she want to share Asher with J.C. (because as we've covered, she is a queerphobic dick cheese) but she is also being forced in to doing that, because this is apparently the only way good girl Anita can sign off on gay love. The fact that Anita and by extension LKH believes that good and queer are mutually exclusive is so expected at this point that it just fills me with a strange sadness, the kind that makes people write existentialist poetry and drink too much gin (not that I need another excuse to do those things).

Anita starts to come on to Asher and you know what? It's good! There's a lot going on in this scene emotionally. Asher is mortified because Anita saw the paintings, saw him before the scars, saw him when the scars were fresh. For a vampire that comes from a line such as Belle Morte's, where conventional beauty is one's greatest currency, he's been utterly humiliated in front of the people he cares for the most. I feel for Asher here, and he initially rebuffs Anita's advances because of this.

"She will do anything to protect her people, even take a cripple to her bed for one night."

Oh Asher, sweetheart. He doesn't want a pity fuck and who can really blame him? Anita asks him if her reasons are really that important.

That Anita doesn't understand this is just more evidence that she has no ability to feel human emotions. Even that could be interesting. I mean, we all loved the first three seasons of Dexter, right? But LKH's cognitive dissonance prevents her from writing anything truly interesting. She can't see beyond the notion that Anita must somehow be good in order to be a worthwhile protagonist. The other glaring issue is that to LKH and by extension Anita good simply amounts to a totally arbitrary list of traits and behaviors that have very little to do, in the end, with moral righteousness. Rather they reflect an inability to perceive human motivation and the toxic values that LKH apparently holds to with the strength of a person who knows that without arbitrary rules she simply won't be able to effectively ape social mores any more.

Anita at least finally understands that Asher doesn't want to be discarded the way Belle discarded him, like he was a broken object that could be easily replaced. This is also good stuff.

...and then Asher randomly wants to know what Micah will think. What? Well, okay. Micah won't care because Micah's entire purpose is to agree with everything Anita says. Dicks for you! And you! Dicks for everyone!

Asher tells her that if she casts him out after this he will leave, because he's sick of watching J.C. offer love to others. He's sick of being their hanger on and tired of being toyed with.

Anita begs him not to go and they kiss instead.

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