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Friday, August 27, 2010

tales from the bus stop and a little procrastination pretending to be work

So before I get to today's breakdown, I am going to ramble at you about an encounter I had on the bus. Gripping, I know. Stick with me.

There are a lot of blind people where I live. Two of them got on the bus with me this morning. This situation always makes me oddly anxious. Are the people around us wondering if we know each other? Are they expecting some kind of secret handshake? (I always picture this as a high five where both parties miss) Still, I find that I do want to reach out. I have a certain amount of oh hey me too style enthusiasm.

I managed to work in to the conversation that I was blind.

"Us too!"

The female half of the pair crowed, clearly tickled by the whole thing.

"Just remember," she told me a little later, as I stood to get off at my stop, "we're not blind. We're outta sight!"

Preach it, sistah. Preach it.

Inspiration for this little list taken with permission from Cherie Priest

Local authors for the win. Cherie writes good stuff. Read it. Love it.

Project: Sacrificial Magic (it's only a working title. I swear I will think of something that does not involve the word magic)

New words written: 1,382 (and counting)

Present total word count: 108,361

Things accomplished in fiction: Cults are creepy, guys. Just saying.

Favorite thing of the day: "The undulating presence that longed to explode through the gate that held it back, that bored black tunnels through his mind, grew and stretched towards the surface a little more every hour. "

Apparently I have a thing for eldritch, nameless horror. Who knew?

Cherie has a things accomplished in real life tab, but in my case let's just not go there, shall we?

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