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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Excerpt from the ms inspired by Anita Blake

Here's an excerpt from what I did today. This is from the ms inspired by Anita Blake:

There were some advantages to not having a partner or kids. One of them was qualifying for S.W.A.T. as quickly as I had; without much of a social life I needed something to fill the time, and soaking up as much special training as possible worked out quite nicely. Today was going to be my first run with the team, and thanks to all that drilling I felt cautiously optimistic instead of paralyzed by nerves.

I checked my combat vest for lack of anything better to do while everyone milled around, waiting for the Captain to come in and brief us. The musty hunter green carpet made me feel like we were at afters at a Lutheran church, just waiting for a little old lady to bring out a tray of pastries and tiny paper cups full of orange juice. The only things that hinted at the room’s real purpose was a giant white board on a stand at the front of the room, and the assault rifle parts stacked on the particle board tables.

I might have been confident, but I still had a bad feeling that this one was going to relate back to the missing hookers somehow, or maybe the drugs, and I didn’t like it. PCP was bad enough. No one needed a drug laced with magic.


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