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Thursday, January 30, 2014

A handy list of Macklemore/Grammys articles

So of course I, like everyone else, have an opinion about the Grammys and Macklemore and so on and so forth, but I thought it would be more productive to just give you guys a big bowl of link salad instead. Especially because even though I have absorbed over twenty articles on this subject, I have no easy to digest opinion. I'm still thinking deeply on all of these issues and the amazing writing so many people have done on this. This is a multifaceted issue and it's inspiring a lot of awesome deep thinking, so check it out. I've read every one of these start to finish and have done my best to assess them, but they're for you to read and think about on your own. If you think there's an article I should check out and/or add to this list, please let me know in a comment!
Evan Flory-Barnes on the 2014 Grammys

Hip Hop's Anger Over Macklemore's Grammy Win is About Respect Not Race

Dave Brubeck Was the Macklemore of 1954

Macklemore's Grammy Winning 16 Bars and the Search for Our Forty Acres

Macklemore Says He Had "An Unfair Advantage Due to Race" at Grammys

Macklemore's Useless Apology and the myth of meritocracy

Finding a Place in the Hip Hop Eco System

True Colors: Race, and the Misnomer of Hip Hop as "Black Music"

Don't Hate Macklemore Because He's White, Hate Him Because His Music is Terrible

Why Racism Haunts Macklemore's Grammy Victory Over Kendrick Lamar

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