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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Current projects

I have to get scoped tomorrow. I'm afraid of having a tube down my throat. Hopefully the drugs will help with the anxiety. I also hate being out of commission when I'd rather be working on my current projects.

Speaking of current projects, I have three novels going at once. One is an urban fantasy set in San Fransisco. So far it has atypical therianthropes (who else is going to give you a werecapybara, come on!), gang violence, and a supernatural drug trade. Oh, and vampires. Hopefully a take on vampires you haven't seen before, even. I'm still being a little tight lipped about this one because I'm in that delicate beginning stages where any indifference or derision might throw me off track, but suffice to say I am very excited about this world. It's coming to me with surprising ease. I suppose it's one of those tales that been percolating in the background for a very long time, and it's just happy to finally be poured.

Next we have a Twisted Tree prequel novel. One of my NaNos way back when involved werebats and Viking adventures and such like, so I am now savaging it and keeping the useful meaty parts. This one is slow going because of the historical setting. None of my books are meant to be perfectly true to the real world in terms of location or even historical events, but I do try and keep it believable. That's tough when your time and place has already come and gone. However, documentaries are a great help when it comes to visualizing things you can't just walk out your front door and gawk at. Despite being blind I am a very visual person because the universe likes to play those sorts of jokes sometimes. My scenes are always scenes first, words second.

Third, I am actually writing a paranormal romance. I don't know how this happened. It is about two trans lesbians who are out to solve murders. Also included, long haul trucking, the Flying J, coyote spirits, and more. The second I laid eyes on a Flying J I knew I had to do a story about it somehow. It's basically the archetypal truck stop, where a person can get a shower, a bottle of booze, a pack of smokes, gas and whatever else in one place. That might not sound weird to some of you, but for me it was very different. The PNW has a big blue collar tradition, but the specifics are quite dissimilar.

I'm finding that having more than one project is a plus, though, because once I can't make a project go forward any more for the day I just switch to the next.

Good luck in the new year friends, whatever your goals are. Hopefully I'll be putting at least one of these projects to bed by 2015.

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