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Monday, January 20, 2014

Valor of the Healer by Angela Highland

Just a small update to let you guys know you should read Valor of the Healer by Angela Highland. It's a secondary world fantasy that uses familiar characters and situations in a clever way. It is also far less Eurocentric than a great many secondary fantasy worlds, which I personally appreciate. Here's the blurb:

The Rook
An assassin hired by vengeful elven rebels to kill the calculating Duke of Shalridan, Julian walks into a trap and barely escapes with his life. Healed by a beautiful captive in the dungeons, he's enthralled and vows to free her from the duke's clutches.

The Hawk
A Knight of the Hawk duty-bound to cleanse elven magic from Adalonia, Kestar has a secret--and heretical--ability to sense the use of magic from afar. He knows something suspicious is happening in the duke's keep, but he has no idea how deep the conspiracy goes.

The Dove
A half-elven healer with no control over her magic, Faanshi is the goddess's to command. She's always been a pawn of the powerful, but after healing two mysterious and very different men, she faces a choice that may decide the fate of the whole kingdom...

Book one in the Rebels of Adalonia

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