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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Narcissus in Chains Chapter Thirty One

Holy shit, I am only a couple pages in to this chapter and there's already so much wrong with it I almost don't even know where to start.

First of all, Lillian informs Anita that Gregory's chances of surviving with his hearing intact are now worse than they were before Anita decided to inexplicably heal him by calling the rape ghost. Not only that, but Gregory is in shock. Not only THAT, but the fucking doctor has left a person going in to shock on the back porch. 

Dr. Lillian, now officially the worst doctor in the world, is pissed off. Anita asks why and Lillian tells her that she was the physician on call when Raina bit Gregory's dick off, and had to see the damage first hand. Anita immediately reasserts her position as Mary Sue self insert by telling Lillian that no, her experience through the munin is worse, because "it's's like a live action movie, but with me in the movie." So Anita is removed from it then? Watching herself? Because that's what the word movie implies. Which wouldn't be nearly as horrible as having to patch up Gregory's horribly mutilated body?

This whole book, Anita has been pushing Richard to do exactly the kind of ridiculous brutal shit Raina was a fan of. She wanted Jacob tortured and put in the oubliette exactly as Gregory had been. She shot Elizabeth point blank in the chest, and wants to murder Jacob solely for disagreeing with her. So I have zero empathy for Anita's stupid little freak out. It makes her seem naive and selfish, not to mention it seems like she's conveniently forgotten the particulars of what Raina and Marcus did. She's a disgusting hypocrite that can't live with her own choices, a shallow, vapid walking personality disorder that wants to pawn off the dirty work she loves so much on to everyone around her. Underneath her bravado, she is weak and pathetic.

Once again, can I just point out that this whole clusterfuck is now once again all about Anita? Gregory is just an object, a plot device that dances to LKH's tune whenever she needs him to pop up and inject some fake drama.

Nathaniel gives her a cup of coffee, which she manages to burn herself on. No wonder everyone is worried she'll make a shit leader. This woman can't even handle a cup without hurting herself, let alone be the queen to two pards.

Cherry points out that Anita almost called Nathaniel's beast during that tame, puerile bullshit about her biting him all over. She suggests Anita try that next. Am I losing my mind? Why didn't they try that first???

Oh, Merle loves her now because she risked herself for Gregory's well being. No she fucking did not. Calling Raina doesn't risk Anita's well being, but Gregory's. Anita is not a victim in this scenario and, DESPITE WHAT MICAH DID TO HER BEING A TEXTBOOK RAPE, has not experienced an in canon sexual assault. Ugh, that hurts to type.

Merle abandons me to get in the Anita asshole polishing line.

Richard has the ability to call beasts, so they suggest having him come over to show Anita how. What the fuck is happening here? Why didn't they do this in the first place? Raina should be an absolute last resort. And frankly--maybe I just think this because I am already disabled--I'd rather be deaf than have the ghost of my torturer-rapist molest me again. Was it really all worth it? Make Gregory relive something so horrible? Drive him right in to a full case of shock? Christ, I don't know. It's like anti vaxxers who would rather have a dead kid than an autistic one.

Nathaniel makes a completely obvious statement about Richard wanting to help because Richard is guilty over what his wolves did to Gregory. No fucking shit. But apparently Nathaniel is so dumb and broken and--ew!--submissive, this is an amazing insight out of his mouth. Anita realizes that she conflates inferiority and submission, which yes she totally does, which yes is totally vile and inaccurate. She considers maybe not thinking like that anymore, but rest assured no real character development will occur.


  1. I believe "anti-vax" should be replaced with "pro-disease." Because that's what they are. /soapbox

    Remember, Cherry is also a nurse. So not only is a trained doctor leaving a victim in shock out by himself, so is the nurse.

  2. There is a severely wounded man on the porch and nobody helps? Our heroes everyone!

    1. St. Louis in the ABverse is worse than freakin Gotham City! These are supposed to be the good guys! The mind boggles.

  3. Hasn't Gregory been passed out on the back porch for like three fucking chapters now? I'm picturing everyone standing around talking like it's a goddamn barbecue stepping over the mutilated naked dude on the way to the cooler for another beer.

    1. Oh but you have to realize that if Anita can't see the person in question they might as well not exist

  4. I just remembered I had made this forever and a day ago if you ever want to use it: