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Friday, June 27, 2014

Narcissus in Chains Chapter Thirty Seven

Pretty sure this whole chapter is a sex scene

And so far? It's not terrible. I realize that's damning with faint praise, but given the rest of this book anything that isn't a complete literary war crime is pretty amazing.

..."we took turns exploring each other's mouths."

I hate descriptions of kissing. Sure, tell me if it's soft or needy or hard or whatever, but for god's sake I don't need to know exactly where your tongues are. 

"Nothing," he said, voice deep, lower than normal. It wasn't the growl of his beast, it was a peculiarly male sound. "I want to run my beast through you, Anita."

We're at the point where I don't even need to deconstruct "peculiarly male" right? Apparently once a cis dude's dick gets hard he starts projecting his voice like he's one of the Three Tenors.

Apparently Anita doesn't like supernatural stuff during sex. Well, that's news to me.

"He seemed bathed in a comfortableness that was rare for Richard. I'd seen it at the lupanar that he'd accepted his beast. But it was more than that; he'd accepted himself."

Did I mention that lupanar was the word for worehouse back in Pompeii? 

So he's accepted himself, but his self loathing before was so crushing that Anita couldn't help but soothe his battered little fee fees?

Woops, wrong script. Again.

Anita expresses uncertainty about their beasts touching, so since this is the ABverse this means that Richard should definitely just do it anyway which he does.

More glove, warmth, and wet analogies. I wonder if I can club myself hard enough with my coffee cup to make me pass out for a few precious seconds.

Richard's beast is "impossibly huge."

There's a truly awful paragraph long run on sentence that I don't have the strength to reproduce here. Anita claws the air because that's not weird at all. Anita is apparently so unfamiliar with orgasm that Richard has to explain what just happened. He chooses to do so using this cringe worthy euphemism: 

"I brought you..."

Richard confirms that he's shared beasts with Raina before. Anita apparently finds Richard's ongoing rape at Raina's hands hilarious because she bursts out laughing. She never has an appropriate human response to anything, does she?

" his finger caressed the edge of me."

I assume she means her clit, since he's feeling around under her pajama bottoms, but god only knows. He slides his finger inside her and she immediately starts screaming. He fingers her Gspot for like two seconds and she comes again. On the one hand it's nice to see a portrayal of multiple orgasms but Anita shrieking like a banshee is really off putting. 

"Good point," I said. 

"No," he said, "this is."

And then he jams his dick inside of her. So, is his dick pointed?

They have a sweet moment where Anita realizes that Richard has been holding back every time they've made love before, so as not to give in to his desire to turn her in to a werewolf. She tells him that now, since she's deriving strength from her beast, he doesn't have to be careful with her. Of course she sorta ruins it by calling Richard's thrusts "a wet hammering." 

Still, you know what? I think this is pretty good. It's one of her better sex scenes, at least.


  1. I find it really... I think uncomfortable is the best word here. I find it uncomfortable that a scene where Anita is actually consenting to sex once has her lying down on the bed and not participating. There's something creepy about it.

    1. I guess I didn't really get that impression, what with all her writing and screaming and convulsing.

  2. I've always just felt uncomfortable imagining her cervix being battered. Which she claims to like, but I just want to cross my legs and cry.