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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Narcissus in Chains Chapter Thirty

Anita calls Raina. I don't think I can really overstate how fucking stupid this is. It has the kernel of a good idea at its center, but the execution fails so hard as to become outright offensive.

To make this work Raina's ghost would have to offer something much more impressive and unique than healing in order to justify her continued presence. Anita could also struggle against her influence more than she does, with Raina representing her sociopathic tendencies with her desire to retain and protect her sense of empathy in opposition to that. But in actuality, Raina is just...there, even when by all rights she shouldn't be (like for example being called in to a situation where several of her victims happen to be hanging out). Being able to heal isn't even a special skill in the ABverse, not really.

No one has consulted Gregory about whether he'd like the rape ghost to heal him, so all he knows is that Anita is suddenly molesting him. She continues to do this, even though she doesn't want to and neither does Gregory, or at least that's how I interpret the fact that his eyes are glazed over.

Does no one in this god forsaken universe know sign language?

Incredulous tiger is incredulous.

Gregory's dick is a weird shape which for some reason makes Anita regain control for a moment, she's so shocked. Um, okay. Somehow he's "almost hooked" at the end. What? I can't envision this penis. It is a hard penis though, which Anita seems to interpret as consent.

Sexual arousal in and of itself is not consent. Orgasms aren't consent either. Nope. It's not like if you have an orgasm in the middle of the rape, the sex is suddenly consensual.

Anita gets a memory from Raina of being fucked doggy style. Whoever is doing the fucking had "found that spot in a woman's body" which makes Raina want to come. It's a G spot! Just say it!

Oh the guy doing the fucking in the memory was Gregory, who apparently gives women crazy orgasms because he has a hooked dick.

I think my brain cells are flinging themselves to their deaths as I read this. I feel like less of a person for wasting my time with this drivel.

Raina gives Anita a memory of biting Gregory's dick off, which was apparently her favorite thing. Gregory freaks out, because Raina suddenly has the convenient ability to "share the horror." So all we've accomplished by calling the rape ghost is traumatizing a guy who just lived through three days of her torture methods. Well shit, Anita, I could have told you that.

She can "...taste blood and thicker things." I HATE THIS STUPID AUTHOR INDULGENCE. Yes, more than spill and spilling. More than everything being described as "heat." I even hate it more than I hate big hands slapping Anita around all the time. It means nothing. It is not mysterious, it is not scary, it is not even a good gross out.

Anita pukes. Merle goes over to her and holds her. He never met or had sex with Raina so Raina can't do anything to him. Anita starts screaming over what she saw and has to be carried inside.

So basically, when other people don't want to do horrid things they're big fucking babies, but when Anita is disturbed the world must stop and everyone must comfort her. Got it.

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  1. Horribly, I've seen something like Gregory's supposed "hook" in a very, very bad porn I saw years ago as a joke; in one of the segments, the man's penis literally went off to the side very obviously when he was hard. It was actually kind of scary. His scrotum also crawled halfway up his penis, so it looked like he literally had one big ball on the underside.

    Yeah. I don't feel better for remembering that. Also, damn it, I had forgotten about the whole "biting dick off" crap. Someone watched "Doom Generation" before she wrote this book, apparently.