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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Narcissus in Chains Chapter Sixty Two

Dottie's chapter is  here

They're apparently back at Anita's house. Bobby Lee goes to call Rafael, the wererat leader. Who by the way is the only Mexican in the story (you don't count, Anita). And he turns in to a giant rat. It's not that Mexican people shouldn't be portrayed as wererats, but if your people of color in fiction score is as abysmally low as LKH's is, it's not something you can get away with.

Caleb and Nathaniel look after Bacchus. Gil's only character trait is cowering, so that's what he does. Anita snarks inwardly about how she doesn't have time to "babysit" him. Asshole, you brought him to the scary club in the first fucking place because you are completely incompetent. But it's Gil's fault now.

Bacchus draws them a map of the club. Chimera is a total crazy person and is getting crazier. Where the hell are all the leopards, by the way? Shouldn't they be helping with this? Are they supposedly still out rescuing Violet or something equally stupid? Last chapter though Micah called up and told Anita everyone was okay so....they're just...gone? So we can feel some ghastly approximation of narrative tension? Ugh, don't make a blowup doll wiggle its limbs and tell me it's alive.

The doorbell rings and Nate goes to answer it. Anita tells him to check who it is first, necessitating a dumbass aside about how Nate is tough now because he knows not to just open the door anymore. Why'd you let Caleb answer the door earlier then? You know, when he let in all the snake people?

One of the werewolves that hangs out at Narcissus in Chains, Zeke, is at the door. Who the fuck is this guy? Am I supposed to remember him? Weirdly after sixty two chapters of bloated, incoherent nonsense I don't remember every minor asshole who decides to turn up.

Everyone gets out their arsenal of ridiculous weapons. Anita creeps up to the window to peek through the curtains, trying to verify if it's only Zeke out there. "On my knees I'm a lot shorter." No shit, you fucking genius.

Oh hey, remember I asked where Micah was? Zeke pushes a picture up to the window of a guy bound and tortured and it's Micah. So...this whole time Anita hasn't really worried about where he was? Hasn't tried to call him? I mean, you'd think that would be the first thing she'd do, considering werecreature leaders are going missing. Hm.

Bobby Lee says some bullshit about how cold and scary Anita looks. I am so over this. Jesus christ, okay, Anita is a badass. Are we done yet?

"He just went for the door and let the big, bad wolf inside."

That's actually a great line. Why do you do this to me, LKH?

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  1. Did you know that originally Micah was supposed to be one of the villains in this book?