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Thursday, August 28, 2014


I know I am behind on CS chapters guys, and I'm sorry. Without becoming Captain Overshare, I'll just tell you that my mental health/med situation is on very shaky ground at the moment. Things are improving but things need to settle down even more, which will probably take a couple of weeks. I hope I'll be able to post before that, though. When I'm in a bad state of mind I find the Internet a very triggering place, but I am halfway done with a chapter write up nonetheless. I just can't promise when exactly it will be posted. Thanks for your patience and I hope you keep reading.

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  1. As much I I miss your snark (seriously, you're in my top three snarkers), you be sure to take care of yourself, whether it be mental of physical. I do hope everything gets soothed over fairly quickly. Mental breakdowns are never fun. As I said, take care of yourself and enjoy this giant batch of ebrownies.