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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cerulean Sins Chapter Fifteen

Anita wakes up in a strange bedroom with Jason beside her, answering the phone. She somehow realizes they are still in the Circus even though she doesn't recognize this particular room. How the hell big is this club supposed to be, and why hasn't Anita been over the whole place with a fine tooth comb? You'd think a vampire hunter, currently engaged (is she engaged to him yet, or am I thinking Kiss the Dead?) to the Master of the City would want to know every in and out of his main hiding place. What if there's an ambush? Hired killers?

Jason and Anita do that L shaped sheets thing from movies.

Anita doesn't know why she and Jason are naked together. When she does remember she has something that I can only think to describe as grand mal seizure meets desperately unsexy orgasm, because reasons. Why remembering what happened with J.C. and Asher is having this effect on her, I have no idea. And neither does poor Jason when she starts clawing his skin off.

She also has some kind of weird vision about a woman Asher fucked in the past on Belle Morte's orders, who has the same experience while sitting down to some poncy banquet.

Jason and Anita natter on endlessly about how this is a power of Asher's, how Asher's bite can cause orgasms, how Anita is acting like the woman from her vision, how Jason is nude and how Anita wants him to cover his dick despite most of the shapeshifters she knows being nude as a matter of course.

Anita tells Jason he "helped bring me" before. I assume bring in this case means orgasm. What the hell is up with describing it that way? Even someone as prudish as Anita ought to be able to use the word orgasm considering she's a grown ass woman.

Anita doesn't like to be teased about her sex life, but Jason does it anyway because he "can't help it" and is an unapologetic piggish waste of space.

I hate Jason.

They go on and on about vampire orgasms and drinking Gatorade and blood loss.

Dolph and Zebrowski are calling, demanding to know where Anita is. I don't know why they care all of a sudden, considering Anita only remembers she has a job when it suits her.

Jason points out that Anita needs more people to feed on. Unfortunately given the decidedly awful parameters this book has set up re: the ardeur, he happens to be right. And that's what I'd like to see from her, honestly. She's the main character; things are going to suck for her. That's basically what storytelling is, putting your protagonists in fucked situations and asking them to sink or swim. She ought to get over her upset eventually, take a look around, put together a list of her resources, and muddle out how to live with the limits she's been handed. It's Anita though so she'll just have tantrums like a spoiled child instead.

Apparently shifters are so strong "we can punch our finger through someone's ribs."

Does anyone out there understand physics? I am pretty sure that's not how they work.

Emotions spill across Jason's eyes.

Dolph is rightfully pissed because Anita is busy having orgasm convulsions while crimes are happening, plus surprise surprise Jason was an ass on the phone.

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