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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cerulean Sins Chapter Seventeen

Anita and Jason continue pissing all over the crime scene. We have the obligatory random law enforcement official who tries to give Anita shit, this time over Jason being her boy toy. He says something like

"I like my women bigger." In reference to Anita. Anita says,

"Funny, that's what your wife says."

Does...does this make sense to anyone else? Because I'm not sure it does. I mean, is she trying to say this guy's wife is a secret lesbian who likes them big and beautiful?

So I pretty much hate cops--okay no, that's not true. I hate the fucked up system that gives them disproportionate power--and even I find their portrayals in this series tiresome. I think it bothers me also because it just reinforces the glaring reality of what's happening here: Anita is the only character we're supposed to consider human. Almost everyone else is a shadow puppet. It's like LKH is twiddling her fingers and saying "I'm a cop rawr rawr rawr, sexisms!" through her clenched teeth.

Zebrowski is here. His entire character consists of being so messy his wife has to manage him like he's a small child. How lovable!

Both Dolph and Zebrowski got promoted. Anita manages to work some throat closingly binary bullshit in to even this tiny detail:

"If I'd been a man, I'd have let it go, but I was a girl, and girls poke at things more than men." 

Oh thanks for your amazing gender knowledge, Anita. When did you get your PhD in feminist studies? Tell me more.



Ahem. Moving along.

Dolph apparently isn't cool with Anita dating a shapeshifter. Zebrowski is trying to be cool though so he invites Micah and Anita to his promotion celebration party. Oh excuse me, he offers Anita "a social peace pipe."

Zebrowski and Jason joke about trying to fuck Anita.

Anita doesn't feel good because Asher bit her, plus she's stupid enough to wear high heels when she's dizzy and at a crime scene. Zebrowski wonders if she killed the vampire who bit her.

Wouldn't it be great if Anita was you know, a vampire hunter? Anita Blake: vampire dry humper.

Jason stays behind because apparently they're going in to the crime scene now. Uh, okay.

Zebrowski calls both Anita and Dolph stupid.

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