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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cerulean Sins Chapter Fourteen

Back to Anita. 

Jason comes in to get Anita out from between J.C. and Asher, who have both 'died' now that dawn is here. Everyone is covered in blood and Anita is sick from blood loss. Why the hell Asher fed off of her to the point where she's in medical distress I don't know; he knew he would be unresponsive shortly after and that none of them had set up any contingency plan. What if Jason hadn't heard Anita scream?

Things aren't very clear here. Anita is sort of delirious from blood loss but she wants to hang back and admire how beautiful J.C. and Asher are even though they're, yanno, dead. Jason is carrying her? I think? Anita is speaking French which I am sure is supposed to be significant but for the life of me I can't figure out why. Also, um, SHE LET ASHER FEED ON HER AFTER RESISTING BEING FED ON FOR LIKE ELEVEN BOOKS and it barely warrants a whimper.

This entire chapter--such as it is, it's like four pages--is crap back and forth between Anita and Jason, and Jason trying to get her in the bathtub. At one point he puts her over his shoulder so he can take his pants off. I don't think that's physically possible.

Anita feels great but she's "naturally grumpy" and is trying to fight it because I guess you can't be toughy tough darkity dark if you allow yourself to enjoy things, which might explain why Anita hates eating, sex, fancy clothes, baths, and friendship.

Then shit gets predictably creepy because Anita is being described as essentially under the influence yet Jason is still manhandling her and stripping her out of her clothes. He's naked himself, which Anita says should bother her, yet right now it doesn't because she's in some kind of altered state. She also thinks Jason has a nice ass and, no joke, feels "silly talking to his ass" because she's somehow still over his shoulder.

Oh, turns out Asher rolled her (mind control) without her consent or knowledge, so now she "feels drunk" and Jason is making decisions for her despite her diminished ability to understand her circumstances. Jason frankly doesn't know her well enough to know what she would prefer under such circumstances and therefore doesn't have the right to tell her what to do.

Anita passes out but feels safe and loved.

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