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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Narcissus in Chains Chapter Fifty Six

Pictured: Gretchen. 

"Never ask of anyone what you're not willing to do yourself."

LOL okay Anita.

Anita can't even decide who is going to be Damian's first meal. So basically, when it is finally on her to do some fucking leading she can't do it. She makes everyone else decide and Zane the wereleopard draws the short straw. Zero mention of how Zane feels about this, by the way, not that it matters because everyone would just ignore his protests anyway.

So hold up everyone. If Anita has a thing about being fed on, why is she willing to do it for Damian and not J.C.? J.C. is her lover. Sure, it could be because she's guilty regarding what befell Damian and feels obligated to let him feed, but the author has to show me that is so for me to believe it. So far I have no idea why she's so invested in this vampire who barely has a character, let alone a presence in the story.

Cherry is in love with Zane and this makes her afraid for his safety. Well gee Anita, if you had actually stepped up and acted like a leader you could have chosen someone else. And by the way? Why not Micah? He's is sooper leet shapeshifter alpha guy, so feeding Damian should be nothing to him. Hell, he already fed J.C. and he's probably recovered by now, so why the fuck are they making poor Zane do it instead?

Here comes one of the worst lines in the whole book: "They loved each other, and he was about to cry, cry for help, and loose the carrion birds to feed, and feed, and feed." 

My GOD I hope that is a reference to something. Even if it is it hardly makes the line less awful, but at least there'd be a reason that we're suddenly smack dab in the middle of a Ren Faire again. This is like Game of Thrones fanfiction. The bad kind. Of course LKH thinks her Merry books are just like Game of Thrones anyway, so I think I can assume why she thinks this kind of drivel is a good idea.

Hey WEIRDLY when they open the box Damian THE MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH tries to kill them all! My goodness, who could have possibly foreseen this outcome?

Did I mention that they did absolutely no preparation for this moment? They just think standing around with guns drawn is enough. These people are idiots because they somehow couldn't realize that they can't get a shot at Damian without killing Zane, then Merle when Merle jumps in. Surprise! You can't shoot Damian without shooting Merle or Zane! Which you should have realized before doing this in the first place, Miss I know Judo and have a million guns.

Conveniently Damian attacks Anita instead of chowing down on all that delicious shapeshifter blood. How fortuitous, since Anita is his master and it's her blood that will restore him to sanity! My, what extraordinary luck!

Damian asks Anita what's happening as soon as he takes a mouthful of her blood. The last two paragraphs don't suck. Anita does the vamp ritual on him and he is overjoyed about it as they bond. I like that bit. I feel dirty for liking it. Hey, just like Anita! Could this mean I'm finally empathizing with her?

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