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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Narcissus in Chains Chapter Forty Nine

I owe you guys like three chapters. I'm sorry. I was sick and I'm still not 100%. Like, couldn't hold my head up sick.

Hey it's like me, Dottie, and Chelsea all being forced to read LKH.

Remember that scene from one of the Addams Family movies where Wenesday is forced to watch sugary princess movies all afternoon as a punishment? That's what this feels like.

And we're back at the Circus of the Damned, where Anita has to tell us about the fucking stairs. A guy named Ernie is here, leading Anita and her intrepid band of ass lickers down in to the basement. Am I supposed to know this dude? He seems like random vampire food (he has a bite on his neck). Whatever. I'm sure he'll never show up again or matter, but I need to know what his hair looks like, because of course I do.

The bodyguards argue over who is going to stand where because they're goddamn idiots. I don't know how they even got the job considering they can barely manage breathing in and out without an instruction booklet and a demonstration.

Anita angsts about how to treat J.C. and Micah because we didn't waste a whole chapter on that already.

And then...wait a fucking second. That's the whole chapter! No seriously, it just ends there!

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