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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Narcissus in Chains Chapter Fifty

Ugh is this going to involve more not-sex sex? It's like the erotica I wrote when I was fourteen.

"We kissed, and it was like melting from the mouth down."

For some reason J.C. and Micah start fighting. Anita pulls her gun and fires a bullet in to the couch, which is hugely irresponsible and ought to give her and Micah hearing damage. Anita threatens to shoot them both if they don't stop fighting. J.C. has nicked the arteries in Micah's neck and there's blood everywhere. Why is this fight even happening? Micah already agreed to be fed on. I think we're gearing up for some bullshit about how men can only resolve their issues by fighting because god knows we can't go twenty pages without reinforcing the most virulent gender nonsense LKH can dream up.

Micah tears J.C.'s throat out. Anita swears a whole bunch because that's how you know she's a tough no nonsense female, I guess. She thinks they're both going to bleed to death, even though Micah is a goddamn shifter and J.C. is a fucking vampire.

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